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Project reality: a battlefield 2 and arma 2 modification realistic and modern mods featuring a variety of new nations, including the complete british army, weapons. Welcome to project reality: battlefield 2 (aka pr:bf2), a modification for the retail battlefield 2 multi-player pc game project reality's aim is to create a more.  · this is a very good mod and it has things that bf2 should of had from teh beginning it is nothing like aa really, and imo, much better if you want. Project reality 2: free multiplayer fps pc game realistic and modern game featuring a variety of new nations, including the complete british army, weapons and vehicles. Project reality torrent archive prbf2_0973_to_0981_patch_setupexe.

Click here to download the latest version of project reality posting rules psa: you can still download and play pr:ww2 mod guidelines contact us. Project reality is a series of combined arms tactical first-person shooter video game modifications which aim to create a realistic combat environment where the core. Page 8 of 9 - project reality cinematic enb - posted in file topics: hi, the enb looks great but every time i play the game is set in a low quality resolution, even. Project reality - posted in battlefield 2: anyone here played a bf2 mod called project reality it is not bf2, and it can't be played like vanilla bf2, it takes a.

 · official project reality: bf2 mod v14 trailer for the pr:bf2 v14 release project reality is a modification for the multi-player online pc game. The award winning project reality team is proud to announce the official release of project reality: arma 2 v01 beta after countless hours of development, thousands. October 2012-----i have now retired from modding thank you to everybody who has supported and encouraged me the inspiration behind this mod is to bring a.

For the united states army & marines in project reality a mk 12 mod 1 spr in project reality a suppressed mk 12 mod 1 spr in project reality. The project reality mod for battlefield 2/arma 2 finally hit version 10 earlier this year, after eight years of development time during that time, the game series. Length 8161656832 name prbf2_1410_fulliso piece length 4194304 publisher project reality publisher-url http://wwwrealitymodcom.

I made this sweet fx mod with the mission of improve the original version of the game with outstanding contrast enhancement, colors, lighting, textures and many other. Project reality is a free to download game modification for the battlefield 2 and arma 2 retail pc games the mod focuses on teamwork & realistic gameplay international. Note that the insurgent faction does not have a medic kit, instead it has a civilian. Project reality: bf2 vietnam is an add-on for the pr:bf2 v097 modification in this addon we have added 3 new factions, 4 maps, 20 new vehicles and 14 new.

Hello there whilst pr and pra2 are good they are also mods and roleplay as are the rpg modes you dislike arma's continuing sucess is down to its modability and.

Project reality mod
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